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Dr. Tianyun Steven Su

Dr. Tianyun Steven Su

Founder and CEO, EcoZone International LLC


Tianyun Steven Su, M.Sc., M.D., Ph.D., is a Chinese-born American Doctor of Medicine, Vector Biologist and Ecologist, and Epidemiologist, who has a broad education in preventive medicine and infection diseases (1979-1984), human parasitology and medical entomology (1984-1987), and vector biology and control (1991-1994). Throughout his career in academia (1987-2002), governments (2002-2021) and industries (2002-present), Steven has been on a productive, achieving and rewarding track for the following areas: outstanding teaching and mentorship for undergraduate and graduate students in parasitology and medical entomology, theoretical and practical research in biorational and sustainable vector and pest control, organization, quality analysis and quality control of vector and pest control entities, research, development and regulation in vector and pest control products, pesticide resistance management in vector and pest control operations, as well as other collaborations among academia, governments and industries at local, domestic and global scales. Since 1987, Steven has functioned as principal investigators for over 50 research projects in vector and pest management from academia and industries, authored over 125 peer-reviewed, 35 non-peer reviewed publications in national and international journals, 290 research reports on product evaluation for industries, 8 book chapters, and other publications, organized and chaired over 30 symposia and workshops, and delivered over 200 presentations at various national and international events. To serve the scientific community, Steven volunteers as a member of editorial board or reviewer for numerous international scientific journals, as well as review committee member of various research funding sources. Steven holds membership or fellowship of numerous prestige professional associations in the USA, Europe, and China, and is recognized by these organizations for his significant contributions.


EcoZone International LLC
Founder and CEO

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