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AMCA Member Directory

AMCA Member Directory

AMCA Member Directory


Vector Ecologist MaineHealth Institute for Research

Vector Control Specialist Allegheny County Health Department

Environmental Education Specialist Lee County Mosquito Control District

Cape May County Dept. of Mosquito Control

District Manager Union County Vector Control

Medical Entomology Fellow ORISE

Deputy Executive Director Collier Mosquito Control District

Accountant San Mateo County MVCD

Assistant Entomologist Metropolitan Mosquito Control District

Assistant Manager Grant County Mosquito Control District

Yuma County Public Health Services Dist.

Distinguished Professor Emeritus University of Florida

Principal Consultant Application Insight, LLC

Trustee Coachella Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District

University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

Insect & Aquatic Management Systems, Inc.

Entomologist Charleston County Mosquito Control

Chair Professor Kosin University,Dept. of Health Science

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Natrona County Mosquito Control

Northwest Mosquito & Vector Control District

Director Norfolk County Mosquito Control District

District Manager Camano Isl Mosquito Control District

Plymouth County Mosquito Control Project

Environmental Health Specialist III Fairfax County Health Department - Disease Carrying Insects Program

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