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Marketing Director

Control Consultant

Darrel Bagiotti
Control Consultant

David Boggs

Yemi Bullen McClain

Nivaldo Carlucci
General Manager

Mary Rob Clarke
Social Responsibility Liaison

Derek Dillard
Site Manager

Derek Drews
Field Sciences Manager

Sales Coordinator

Chief Mechanic

Frank Fornari
Regional Manager

Joel Fruendt

Allen Gent
CEO and President

Andrew Gentes

Pat Hallahan

Jeff Hottenstein
Regional Sales Manager

Sr. Technical Advisor

Regional Surveillance Manager

Senior Technical Advisor

Executive Vice President

Danny Meyers

Regional Field Science Supervisor

Debbie Morton
Control Consultant

Vice President of Sales

Christian Rezende
Regional Manager - Brazil

Senior Field Biologist

Robert Santana
Control Consultant

Madeleine Schmitz
Associate Field Biologist

Kim Schulke
Director, Human Resources, Operations and Manufact

Director of Operations

Dr. Laxmi Shanmugam
Senior Environmental Scientist

Joe Strickhouser

Joanna Tyszko
Entomology Manager

Director of Product Management

VP / Service Operations

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